Meet DR. Brian Leung

Dr. Brian Leung is a certified root canal specialist. He was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and received the Governor General’s Award for graduating top of the class in 1993 (A.Y. Jackson S.S., North York). He studied Immunology in the Human Biology program at the University of Toronto during his undergraduate studies and was admitted to UofT Dentistry before completing his bachelor of science. Dr. Leung subsequently received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1999 and was accepted to the Endodontics specialty program in the State University of New York upon graduation. He completed his specialty training in Endodontics concurrently with a Masters of Science degree in 2001.  During his specialty residency,  Dr Leung was a clinical instructor, teaching endodontics to dental students as well as being involved in endodontic research (co-authoring scientific articles and presenting his research at international dental conferences).  

Dr. Leung is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists  of Canada in the Specialty of Endodontics.  Dr. Leung is a member of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics, Ontario Society of Endodontics, American Association of Endodontics, and the Ontario Dental Association.

In addition to being in full time private practice in Brampton,  Dr. Leung enjoys playing golf, ice hockey and spending family time with his wife and two daughters.